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GET doesn't work so POST:

`curl -XPOST web.ctf.b01lers.com:1003/`

Result is page that has a five 'endpoints' aligned on the left side (root):


</text>text ? pleas test teh follwing five roots




I'm am making an a pea eye and its grate

PHP is the best
<php?> printf(hello world) </php>


how to exit
:wqwhy isnt it working:wq:wq:wq:qw?


Try all HTTP methods on them and get valid endpoints:

1. OPTIONS /circle/one/
2. DELETE /square/
3. CONNECT /two/
4. GET /com/seaerch/
5. TRACE /vim/quit/

1. Is pdf showing heinz 'ketchup'
2. A crossworld to fill out to get 'tastes' in the middle
3. An image showing the text 'up_on_noodles_'
4. Send a GET request with request body set to search=flag to get 'goodins'
5. Append ?exit=:wq to exit vim and be rewarded with 'pace_too}'

Result: pctf{ketchup_on_noodles_tastes_good_in_space_too}