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For this challenge, we are given a link to a live camera feed and are asked to find the country in which it is located.


We check where the IP of the camera feed is and find that the camera is located in Belgium. However, we can confirm it by digging deeper.

The live view gives us access to move the camera. Originally, when we viewed the camera, it was night time. This didn't help much as it was dark and looking into the city had a bad glare. After viewing the camera at a later time, it was day time and this matches that the camera was in a European time zone. With sunlight we can see what is going on more clearly. Panning and tilting the camera all the way around, we find that we are in a city square and most buildings we see have Western Architecture, confirming our idea that we are in a European country. This is not a very large urban city, but we can still see a lot of buildings in the area.

To our right, we have a park/forest and to our left, we have a lot of residential areas. The camera is on the roof/wall of a large building overlooking the area. Looking around, we find that we are on the roof of a church. In the center, one of the most distinct features we see is something that resembles a tower in front of a large building with corner turrets. We know that it is a fountain because there is a basin underneath. Across from us, we see many people driving and walking around and see many people going into the shops.

We go through the list of fountains in Belgium, on https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Fountains_in_Belgium, and find that there is a match called The Marbol Fountain.

Doing more research on the fountain, we find that it is located in the Grote Markt in Geraardsbergen. Going there on Google Maps confirms that we have correctly located the camera.

Flag: riftCTF{Belgium}