Tags: misc truth-table xor boolean logic miscellaneous 


For this challenge, we are given an Imgur link to a jpg image, gate.jpg, and are asked to evaluate some function.

The hint states that we need to find 101 image 110 and that the flag format is riftCTF{eval}.

Those who have studied Discrete Mathematics, Boolean Algebra, or worked with Logic Gates will recognize this as the truth table for the exclusive disjunction logical operator (aka xor or ⊕).

For those who do not recognize the table, the challenge is still solvable as one can recognize that based on the inputs x and y, there will be some sort of output z.

Result: Using the xor operator or the truth table, we can evaluate 101⊕110 to get 011.

Flag: riftCTF{011}

Original writeup (https://github.com/joeyjon123/riftCTF/wiki/Misc-0x004).