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# RSAPWN Writeup

### Prompt

We must train the next generation of hackers.

`nc challenges.tamuctf.com 8573`

### Solution

It looks like this just asks us to find the two "big prime" factors of the number provided, and return them. [Athos' script](exploit.py) does exactly that:

python3 ./exploit.py
[+] Opening connection to challenges.tamuctf.com on port 8573: Done
b'We must train future hackers to break RSA quickly. Here is how this will work.\nI will multiply together two big primes (<= 10000000), give you the result,\nand you must reply to me in less than two seconds telling me what primes I\nmultiplied.\n\nPress enter when you are ready.\n'
num b'99981300873901'
9999083 9999047
b'Good job :)'



~Athos, Lyell Read

Original writeup (https://github.com/lyellread/ctf-writeups/tree/master/2020-tamuctf/rsapwn#rsapwn-writeup).