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This challenge is pretty simple. We enter a number when prompted. And if the number is correct, then we win.
This is determined by a check if rbx = 0x471de8678ae30ba1 and if rax = 0xacdee2ed87a5d886.

I noticed that the computation was being done toward the end of main()
Here's the start of them in IDA:

![IDA image failed to load](images/ida.png)

With odd-numbered steps, we call one function that does a few operations with rax and rsi.
With even steps, we call a function that does some with rax, rsi, and rdx.

My thoughts when I saw this were to see if there was some way if I could replicate the steps that the binary was taking and if I could find the number that will get me to the desired result. Z3 is very powerful for problems like these. I used the guide from https://0xeb.net/2018/03/using-z3-with-ida-to-simplify-arithmetic-operations-in-functions/ to give me an idea of how we can set the steps up. I've never solved with Z3 before, so this was very helpful.

As it turns out, a number that makes rbx = 0x471de8678ae30ba1 will also fit the requirements for rax. So, we don't really have to worry about the registers other than rbx, r13, and rbp.

My script spit out a number, 982730589345.
And when we plug it in, it passes the check.
![GDB Image failed to load](images/check.png)

Once you run it on the remote server, you get the flag.

Original writeup (https://github.com/akhbaar/ctf-writeups/blob/master/tamu2020/splatter_calc/writeup.md).