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# Who Made Me

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### Prompt

> One of the developers of this CTF worked really hard on this challenge.

> note: the answer is not the author's name

> Author: c

### Solution:

Now for a much more real-world OSINT challenge. First, I started by doing a bit of recon. I ascertained that:

- `AU` in `AUCTF` is for Auburn University ([homeapge](https://www.auburn.edu/))
- `AUCTF` is run by members of the `AUEHC` ([Auburn University Ethical Hacking Club](https://ehc.auburn.edu/)). `AUEHC` is comprised of members:
- President - Jordan Sosnowski: [email protected]
- Vice President - DeMarcus Campbell: [email protected]
- Treasure - Luke Gleba: [email protected]
- Technical Lead - Charlie Harper: [email protected]
- Technical Lead - Drew Batten: [email protected]
- [Source](https://ehc.auburn.edu/about/)
- `AUCTF` Discord is run by discord users:
- c AKA _c#9643
- FireKing AKA Iamfireking#2686
- JohnsonJangler AKA JohnsonJangler#0353
- Kensocolo AKA Kensocolo#1000
- nadrojisk AKA nadrojisk#6700
- OG_Commando AKA The OG Commando#6632
- vincent AKA FlaminArrowz#5042
- 死神 (shinigami) AKA demarcus1621#6819
- `AUEHC` also has a [Github Organization](https://github.com/auehc), which the following github users are a part of:
- Demarcus Campbell AKA demarcus1621
- Jordan Sosnowski AKA nadrojisk
- Vincent Chu AKA vincentchu37
- Within that organization are repos for:
- [AUCTF-2020](https://github.com/auehc/AUCTF-2020) Which contains entirely commits by `nadrojisk`, with a pending pull request formulated by `demarcus1621`, with nothing interesting in it.
- [Their site](https://github.com/auehc/auehc.github.io)
- Past competitions, mostly irrelevant to this challenge.
- Reddit account has posted three things, none of which are of use here: https://www.reddit.com/user/auehc/
- CTFTime Team `AUEHC` only has one player, `nadrojisk`. https://ctftime.org/team/82180

With that in mind, I went about composing this table:

| Name | Discord | Github | Gitlab | Twitter | Notes |
| Jordan Sosnowski | nadrojisk AKA nadrojisk#6700 | https://github.com/nadrojisk | NA | https://twitter.com/nadrojisk | All commits to the challenge repo. Prime suspect. Nothing interesting on twitter |
| Vincent Chu | vincent AKA FlaminArrowz#5042 | https://github.com/vincentchu37 | https://github.com/vincentchu37/gitlab | Private | Has commits to the site @ https://github.com/auehc/auehc.github.io, https://www.linkedin.com/in/vincentchu37/ |
| Demarcus Campbell | 死神 (shinigami) AKA demarcus1621#6819 | https://github.com/demarcus1621 | NA | Does not Exist | Has pull request to auehc/AUCTF-2020 @ https://github.com/auehc/AUCTF-2020/pull/1 but changes only to README.md, and from private repo :( |
| Abhinav V. | Kensocolo AKA Kensocolo#1000 | NA | NA | https://twitter.com/kensocolo | Twitter, not much found |
| Charlie Harper | c AKA _c#9643 | https://github.com/chharles | NA | NA | Pretty sure this is Charlie Harper |

The flag was in a repo that was *conveniently* not pinned in Vincent Chu's github. This was in one of the past commits in their repo `AUCTF-2020` [link](https://github.com/vincentchu37/AUCTF-2020/commit/56721948f12e3a76a5316c62ad2bcf47e8119926) [archive](http://archive.today/2020.04.06-032243/https://github.com/vincentchu37/AUCTF-2020/commit/56721948f12e3a76a5316c62ad2bcf47e8119926) made by github user `chharles`, who I have retroactively added to the table above.


~Lyell Read

Original writeup (https://github.com/lyellread/ctf-writeups/blob/master/2020-auctf/who-made-me/README.md).