In this challenge, we’re given a URL: http://freewifi.ctf.umbccd.io/, and we’re told that it hasn’t been implemented as of yet. We’re also given a .pcapng file. Let’s open wireshark and see what hints we can find! Since our objective is to find data about a URL, let’s use the http protocol filter. We find a string of HTTP packets. I used the export http objects to get a list of web pages being referred and opened.

Through this we can clearly see staff.html is being visited quite often, let’s navigate to that URL.

And Voila! We get the flag, easy peezy lemon squeezy.

Flag: DawgCTF{w3lc0m3_t0_d@wgs3c_!nt3rn@t!0n@l}

View the full writeup [here](https://github.com/abhichitkara/DawgCTF20-Writeups/blob/master/DawgCTF%20Writeups.pdf)