This is the hint we’re given: Welcome! We're trying to hack into Burke Defense Solutions & Management, and we need your help. Can you help us find the password of an affiliate's CEO somewhere on the internet and use it to log in to the corporate site? https://theinternet.ctf.umbccd.io/
When we navigate to: https://theinternet.ctf.umbccd.io/burkedefensesolutions.html, we find a list of affiliate CEO’s.

We’re told that one of them has faced a data breach. On going through the facespace page for emery rollins one of the CEO’s we find out that charoletteinternational has had a leak! By searching for the email id’s of all the other CEO’s in the breach document we find out that it was Sonny Bridges!

On logging in with his password on the main page we get the flag!

Flag: DawgCTF{th3_w3@k3s7_1!nk}

View the full writeup [here](https://github.com/abhichitkara/DawgCTF20-Writeups/blob/master/DawgCTF%20Writeups.pdf)