# Man these spot the difference games are getting hard
## Approach
I got the crypt information and cipher text from server.
So decrypt cipher text and return server.
Welcome to DiffSpot, a new Spot the Differnce Game sponsored by DawgSec
You'll be presented with a variety of encoded data,
all of which will be of the form DogeCTF{}
Possible ciphers include:
- rot13
- rot16
- base64
- base32
- base16
- atbash
- affine with b=6, a=9
- railfence with key=3
Your job is to decode the flag and send it back to us
Seems easy enough right?

## Solution
Using Man_these_solve.py

## Flag

Original writeup (https://github.com/o621/c4r0-ctf/tree/master/DawgCTF2020/Coding/Man%20these%20spot%20the%20difference%20games%20are%20getting%20hard).