# Slide To The Left
__Category__: Crypto
__Points__: 350

> Welcome to the AES-CBC oracle!
> Our oracle's function is AES-CBC.
> The oracle is found at umbccd.io:13373, and your methods are:
> - flg - returns the encrypted flag
> - enc - returns the encryption of the message after the : in "enc:..."
> as 16 bytes of initialization vector followed by the ciphertext.
> - dec - returns the decryption of the ciphertext after the : in "dec:<16 bytes iv>..."
> as a bytes string.
> \@author: pleoxconfusa

### Overview
I used the same method as in [Right Foot Two Stomps](../Right%20Foot%20Two%20Stomps)
(a simplified version of a padding-oracle attack).
I only needed to adjust the IV to
and the encrypted flag to
[See the last writeup for an explanation.](../Right%20Foot%20Two%20Stomps)

### Profit
[solve.py](./solve.py) implements the attack described in the last writeup and you get the flag

Original writeup (https://github.com/potato-gang/DawgCTF/tree/master/Slide%20To%20The%20Left).