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# De1CTF2020 - mc_joinin

## Description

Hurry up and join in the game.
We’re waiting for you. (cn) (cn) (us) (de) (sg)

* mc_joinin's flag is: De1CTF{md5(flag)} mc_joinin的flag格式为:De1CTF{md5(flag)}

## Solution

By looking at the IP given we realized it was a Minecraft challenge.

>We1c0me t0 De1Ta He4dl3ss M1neCrAft Te2t SeRv3r
Minecraft 20.20 is developed by De1ta Team based on 1.12

Client isn't necessary.

Looking up at the [Minecraft Server Status](https://mcsrvstat.us/server/ it showed a different version from the 1.12 reported on the website:

>MOTD De1Ta He4dl3ss M1neCrAft Te2t SeRv3r

Players 0 / 2147483648

Version **MC2020**

And looking at the debug info:
>IP address:

Port: 25565

**Protocol version: 997**

Cached result No

SRV record No

Ping Yes

Query No

As the website stated a Client was not necessary. Even if the server was displayed in the Minecraft client:

It could not connect to it.


Indeed the version protocol use by Minecraft 1.12 is the [335](https://wiki.vg/index.php?title=Protocol&oldid=13223) and the one used in this Minecraft server is the 997, not found anywhere in the [protocol number wiki](https://wiki.vg/Protocol_version_numbers).

We didn't use a minecraft client to connect to the server but instead modified and used a [LightWeight console for minecraft chat](https://github.com/ORelio/Minecraft-Console-Client).

Changing the protocol version with ```997``` in this [file](https://github.com/ORelio/Minecraft-Console-Client/blob/master/MinecraftClient/Protocol/Handlers/Protocol18.cs) at row 831 this client could easily be connected with the server.


Analyzing the traffic with Wireshark we found a hidden message:

>"text":"\n\nHIDE FLAG ONE\n\n **imgur.com/a/ZOrErVM** \n\n"

Following the link we found this image:


Changing the colormap:



## Participants
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Original writeup (https://github.com/andrea-mengascini/ctf-writeups/tree/master/De1ctf2020/misc/mc_joinin).