# Problem Statement

Erwin just built himself a website. He is talking about quantum information science but in the end he doesn't know much about infosec. Could you help him fulfill his goal by reapplying quantum concept on this website ?

Creator: MasterFox


# Solution


Pretty straightforward, we see that Erwin has left some code laying around describing the process to obtain the flag. There's a name for files like this: polyglot files, and some pretty crazy things can be accomplished with them. It's a well studied field and a big concern for antivirus/steganography and other fields. Luckily someone has put together a database of test polyglot files: https://github.com/Polydet/polyglot-database.

I will stop my write-up here, since it's too trivial with access to this great resource. All the files you need are there, you just need to upload them to get the flag parts and concatenate the flag parts.

Original writeup (https://github.com/asd007/CTF_WRITEUPS).