# arabfunny
Misc, 40

> Written by jpes707
> So many sounds...

The obvious first move is just to lower the gain of the track in audacity, it sounds terrible.

After skipping through we eventually hear DTMF tones, starting at 1:02.

Yes, I really did spend 5-10 minutes transcribing by hand.

After transcribing, we get:


This looks like t9 code, but it's actually not :(

We stare at it long enough and channel our inner chakra to realize that it's just plain ASCII (116, 106, etc.), which spells out the flag.

Flag: `tjctf{bruh_camel_240p}`

Original writeup (https://github.com/joshdabosh/writeups/blob/master/2020-TJCTF/misc/arabfunny.md).