Rating: 5.0

Basically this challenge gave an image of some wierdly looking fonts...

There are 2 ways to solve this.

* **Guess Method**

Assuming that tou have looked at the hint, it says to search for the description. The search results show that it is somehow related to fonts. Hence by an intelligent guess, search for the words `Circle` `Circular` etc. because that is given in the name of the challenge.

* **A Better Method**

There were many challenges I had done previously, but somehow managed to get the font then, but now searching all the fonts on fonts.com for this particular font was tiring, so I thought, there should obviously be some **Reverse Image Search** for fonts available and as I guessed, there were. I tried many and this was [the](https://en.likefont.com/) most effective. I uploaded the image and entered the font -> char mapping for the first 5 values we know ie. `tjctf` and boom we get the result as shown in the image

[Likefont Output](https://imgur.com/a/sSJ7RIH) -> This is how the output looks like on likefont

[USFCircular Designs](https://www.fonts.com/search/all-fonts?ShowAllFonts=All&searchtext=USF%20Circular%20Designs) is the name of the font tho.