With the help of `Sherlock` i was able to track down the username to the following site: `https://www.livelib.ru/reader/al3xandr0vich1van`

I translated the site so i could read and found a link in his bio to a googledrive image `https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KIwZxDwVoTXsuNQ_fakoW09xAsY0ipjh/view`

It seems to be some sort of cipher.
**Pigpen cipher** which deciphers to `httpstwittercomhavevisit` -> [https://twitter.com/havevisit](https://twitter.com/havevisit)

after playing with `https://29a.ch/photo-forensics/#level-sweep` i got what i desired and used `tesseract` to extract the flag

## Flag