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(sorry abt this writeup, this is my first one :) )
So we're provided a file called **WhiteNoise** with a hint: "uUt_CtF_2020" - this will be useful later.

We can't open the file, so let's check what type of file it is with **'file WhiteNoise'** in a terminal

It returns that it's just a data file.

Let's open it in a hex editor to check out the file headers.

Straight away, we can see that the file header is **AES** and was encrypted with **AESCRYPT**

A quick google search tells us that AESCRYPT is a file encryption software...so let's install it.

Before we run it through the program, we need to rename it to a .aes file with **mv WhiteNoise WhiteNoise.aes**

Open it with the AEScrypt software and it asks for a password. Enter the string provided in the hint and the file unzips another one.

Let's check the file type of this file: **file WhiteNoise** and it returns that it is a M4A file type. Rename it to one through mv **mv WhiteNoise WhiteNoise.M4A**

Now we can open it. It sounds like the audio is backwards speech - let's open it in an audio editor to reverse it. I used Adobe Audition, but you can also use Audacity or any other audio editor.

The person says '**Congratulations, you found the UUTCTF Flag, The flag is {we are anonymous}**