Rating: 5.0

This challenge involves a large ```.pcapng``` file. Our task is to search through the HTTP requests and figure out which user "hacked" into another user's account.

The task says the victim user is ```caleches```.

1. First, we open the pcap file.
2. Then, we can do a simple binary search within to find the user ```caleches```.
3. We investigate the TCP stream of the hacked account to learn the attacker's user agent.
User-Agent: UCWEB/2.0 (Linux; U; Opera Mini/7.1.32052/30.3697; www1.smart.com.ph/; GT-S5360) U2/1.0.0 UCBrowser/ Mobile
4. We search for that user agent in the packets.
5. We investigate the TCP stream of this user agent, and we find out that it's for the login of user ```micropetalous```.

Original writeup (https://0x90skids.com/cybrics-ctf-writeup/#krevedka).