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# Tootsie Pop

Author: [roerohan](https://github.com/roerohan)

# Requirements

- Python

# Source

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

Download the file below.

- [pop.zip](./pop.zip)

# Exploitation

The flag has been compressed recursively with various types of compressing tools, namely 'xz', 'zip', 'bzip', 'gzip'. You can write a script to use the `file` command to find out the compression type of the current file and decompress it depending upon the type of compression.

import subprocess
import os

filetypes = ['xz', 'zip', 'bzip', 'gzip']

while True:
x = subprocess.check_output('ls', shell=True).decode().split('\n')[0]

y = subprocess.check_output(f'file {x}', shell=True).decode()

if 'gzip' in y:
if not x.endswith('.gz'):
os.system(f'mv {x} {x}.gz')
x = f'{x}.gz'
os.system(f'gunzip {x}')
print('Uncompressed gzip')

if 'XZ' in y:
if not x.endswith('.xz'):
os.system(f'mv {x} {x}.xz')
x = f'{x}.xz'
os.system(f'unxz {x}')
print('Uncompressed xz')

if 'bzip2' in y:
if not x.endswith('.bz2'):
os.system(f'mv {x} {x}.bz2')
x = f'{x}.bz2'
os.system(f'bzip2 -d {x}')
print('Uncompressed bz2')

if 'Zip' in y:
if not x.endswith('.zip'):
os.system(f'mv {x} {x}.zip')
x = f'{x}.zip'
os.system(f'unzip {x}')
print('Uncompressed zip')
os.system(f'mv {x} trash/{x}')

if 'ASCII' in y:
os.system(f'cat {x}')

Remember to have a `trash` folder in the same directory as your script. Once it decompresses all, it gives you the flag in a file called `8c4be4`.

$ python script.py

The flag is:


Original writeup (https://github.com/csivitu/CTF-Write-ups/tree/master/HacktivityCon%20CTF/Scripting/Tootsie%20Pop).