Tags: morse steganography stego 


### Chess Cheater
> Challenge statement:
> I didn't think he was a genius, I knew he had to be a cheat. He was always sitting down, he never got up. Batting his eyelids in the most unnatural way. Then I understood it.
> Note, this flag is not in the usual format.

1. after downloaded the wav file (morse.wav), we realized this challenge is morse code audio.

2. we can use online morse code translator to decode it [Morse Code Decoder](https://morsecode.world/international/decoder/audio-decoder-adaptive.html)

![chess-cheater result](https://github.com/m0nkeyt3ch/CTFs-Writeups/blob/master/HacktivityCon-CTF-2020/Image/chess-cheater.png?raw=true)

3. we found the flag is 'ARCANGELORICCIARDI'


Original writeup (https://github.com/m0nkeyt3ch/CTFs-Writeups/blob/master/HacktivityCon-CTF-2020/steganography-part.md#chess-cheater).