Original Writeup: [https://github.com/crr0tz-4-d1nn3r/CTFs/tree/master/bsidesbos_2020/Warmups/Kiddie_Pool](https://github.com/crr0tz-4-d1nn3r/CTFs/tree/master/bsidesbos_2020/Warmups/Kiddie_Pool)
# Kiddie Pool
Look at this new graphic design technique I learned! This is like 900% cool!!!

Download the file below.


# Flag

# Solution

In the News: In 2007 the police catched a pedophile men who tried to mask his identity with a swirl face.


There are several programs that can do this, including photoshop. I do not have photoshop. After a bit of searching and a couple online programs that didn't work, and not luck with gimp, came across a python package call Wand.


Wrote a quick script (see the github writeup link above) and along with the hint "900%" quickly got that flag.