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## Description
> I made this weird encryption I hope you can crack it.

## Solution
The easiest challenge. Just a little logic!

I wrote a script to get the index value of each characters of the ciphertext from the given `main_string` and store them in a list.

For each letter there existed a pair : **quotient** `c1` and **remainder** `c2` in the list respectively.

From the script it's clear the divisor in the case is 16 and what we need is the dividend **ASCII value of letter** and convert it to character.

So I apply a simple arithmetic : **dividend = divisor * quotient + remainder** to find ASCII values, convert them to character and finally get the text back.

#!/bin/env python3

with open("Encrypted", "r") as f:
ct = f.read().replace("\n", "")

main_string="c an u br ea k th is we ir d en cr yp ti on".split()

st = []
flag = []
ch = ""
i = 0

# To make a list st containing index of characters from main_string
while i<len(ct):

if (ct[i]=='c' and ct[i+1]!='r') or ct[i]=='u' or ct[i]=='k' or ct[i]=='d':
ch = main_string.index(ct[i])
i += 1
ch = main_string.index(ct[i:i+2])
i += 2

# Calculating ASCII values and converting into character
for i in range(0,len(st),2):

## Flag
> Hello. Your flag is DarkCTF{0k@y_7h15_71m3_Y0u_N33d_70_Br3@k_M3}.

Original writeup (https://github.com/t3rmin0x/CTF-Writeups/tree/master/DarkCTF/Crypto/WEIRD%20ENCRYPTION).