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# Address Book (50 points)

`flag format = flag{username@email.com}`

## Problem
Shallow Grave University has provided us with a dump of their database. Find luciafer's email address.

## Solution
The ctf gives us a .sql file to download.

in order to view it like its supposed to we need to import it into a mysql database.

lets first create a database to import that file into.

#mysql -u root -p#
#create database AddressBook;#

now we need to import the sql file.

#mysql -u root -p AddressBook < shallowgraveu.sql#

after the sql file is imported we can start to view the tables.

#mysql -u root -p AddressBook#
![alt text](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ozzzozo/writeups/main/ctfs/hacktober/sql/AddressBook/0.png)
we need to check the users table content.

we know that lucifer is studies at Shallow Grave University so we can check for that domain in the emails.

#select * from users where email LIKE '%@shallowgrave%';#

which gives us only one row which is lucifer's row.
![alt text](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ozzzozo/writeups/main/ctfs/hacktober/sql/AddressBook/1.png)

Original writeup (https://github.com/ozzzozo/writeups/tree/main/ctfs/hacktober/sql/AddressBook).