# Talking to the Dead 1

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We've obtained access to a server maintained by spookyboi. There are four flag files that we need you to read and submit (flag1.txt, flag2.txt, etc). Submit the contents of flag1.txt.

ssh [email protected]
Password: hacktober-Underdog-Truth-Glimpse


This first of these challenges was fairly trivial. Simply use the `find` command to list all possible `flag.txt` files:

find / -regextype sed -regex ".*flag.*\.txt" 2>/dev/null


Now... you can actually just `cat` the contents of the `flag1.txt` file giving you the flag: `flag{cb07e9d6086d50ee11c0d968f1e5c4bf1c89418c}`

Original writeup (https://github.com/B34nB01z/writeups/tree/master/2020/Hacktober/Talking%20to%20the%20Dead%201).