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# Vi deteriorated

A classic C++-based exploitation chal, with a mild twist of C++ exceptions.

## Bugs

1. Horizontal & vertical offsets at Vim structure not updated during string replace command
- OOB access at Vim structure vector of strings & strings inside it, but all accesses are done with `.at()`
- Triggers C++ exception, where handler dumps backtrace & restarts binary
- Binary & libc base leak
1. Improper use of iterators and `std::vector::insert()` for multi-line replacements at `Vim::replace()`
- Return value of `std::vector::insert()` not used => huge red flag
- Iterator may fetch a malformed std::string located at `.end()` of vector inside Vim structure
- UAF possible, but fetching malformed std::string at `.end()` already sufficient for exploitation

## Exploitation

1. Trigger C++ exception to leak libc base
2. Allocate chunks of size 0x210, write `&__free_hook - 3` at last 8 bytes
- This will later be fetched as `char *pChar` of fake `std::string`
- Easily done by `Vim::doCommand()` where input gets split up and processed, leaving several (about 3) chunks freed into tcache
- ex) `'%s/' + 'A'*0x200 + addr + '/' + '/g\n'`
3. Trigger C++ exception to get a new vector inside Vim structure, allocated at our previously freed 0x210-size chunks
4. Run `Vim::doCommand()` to fetch our fake std::string, replace it with `"sh;" + p64(&system)` and trigger free() to get shell
- These are all done in a single replace command
- std::string fetch succeeds since its structure is shaped as following:
8 bytes | 8 bytes
pChar | size // pChar = &__free_hook - 3, size = (size | flag) of next malloc chunk > 0x10
??????? | ???????
- `str_replace()` inside `Vim::replace()` writes `__free_hook = system`
- Replaced string pointing to `"sh;" + p64(&system)` is soon freed, triggering `system("sh;" + p64(&system))`

## Exploit Code

See [solver.py](https://github.com/leesh3288/CTF/blob/master/2020/TWCTF_2020/vid/solver.py)

Original writeup (https://github.com/leesh3288/CTF/blob/master/2020/TWCTF_2020/vid/writeup.md).