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# Write-up: CTF Coin

## Description
There are some images in the original writeup. use the link below...

### My Story
First I thought it should be a problem of app itself! so I dived deep inside the app. I used static analysis to understand what it is doing. but it was somehow confusing and complicated. so I tried another way; dynamic analysis. I started Burp and trying to monitor the traffic.

but there was a problem! This error was occurring repeatedly and I couldn't do the purchase while system proxy setting was set to my Burp IP! I had set the cert; so I didn't know the cause of the problem!
BurpSuite Error: failed to negotiate an SSL connection
I saw a new phrase I didn't know what is it; `SSL Pinning`. But I remembered a script from [codeshare.frida.re](https://codeshare.frida.re) named `Universal Android SSL Pinning Bypass with Frida`. So this is the solution to bypass this #&%^#@!

![SSL Pinning Bypassed](./7.png)

It took a lot of time to analyze statically and finding out the solution of `SSL Pinning` problem. But I learned a lot! :P

After bypassing SSL Pinning it was so easy to capture the traffic to the back-end server.

![SSL Pinning Bypassed](./6.png)

### Exploit Time
Then I sent another value as `coins` parameter:

![SSL Pinning Bypassed](./5.png)

### Flag
And this is the flag:


Original writeup (https://github.com/ternary-bits/CTF-Challenges/blob/master/android/razictf2020-ctf-coin/WRITEUP.md).