## Grep 0
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### Description
Sophia created this large, mysterious file. She might have said something about grap.. grapes? Find her flag!

### Attached files
- flag.zip

### Solution
This zip file contains a looooot of text! (81.7 MB to be exact!) It just said:
Maybe Here???
Definitely not here
Look somewhere else
Repetetively and we know that there is a flag in this gigantic text file. How the title says it all, but they want us to use "grep". Grep is a powerful tool used to find patterns within text and display them for you. These patterns my utilize regular expressions, wildcards, etc to meet your needs (for more information, look at their man page! Man Page https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man1/grep.1.html)
Now that we understand what grep can do, let's put that to practice. So the description gave us a little hint that our flag contained a string related to grapes (But they really mean grep).
After some testing around I noticed that "gra", "gre", "grep", "grape", and many other combinations weren't working so I decided to truncate the pattern into "gr" which worked!
We can use this simple command that will search for "gr" in the text file:
grep "gr" flag.txt

### Flag

Original writeup (https://github.com/JoshuEo/CTFs/tree/master/NACTF_2020).