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## Missing Image
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### Description
Max has been trying to add a picture to his first website. He uploaded the image to the server, but unfortunately, the image doesn't seem to be loading. I think he might be looking in the wrong subdomain...

### Link (Probably doesn't work anymore)
- https://hidden.challenges.nactf.com/

### Solution
When visiting the link, we are greeted with this generic site:
As referenced in the title and the description of the challenge, we know that we are looking for some sort of image. After inspecting the page and going to the Network tab + reloading the page to see what type of traffic is going in. I see a 404 in the flag.png file:
In the description, we know that the image is being requested in the wrong subdomain. We see that it requests at http://challenges.nactf.com/flag.png.
But wait, the site we are on has a hidden subdomain. So once I added the flag.png and the subdomain in my search header, I found the flag.

### Flag

Original writeup (https://github.com/JoshuEo/CTFs/tree/master/NACTF_2020).