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# BlackJocker - 8123

First of all we can see a website of salt haters. Inside it we found 3 websites:
→ /hint
→ /admin
→ /sign-up

In /admin, we have a basic http auth. Hydra cannot fight with it. Don't try it

In sign-up we can find the password policy (in the source code, inside a js):
let submit_btn = document.getElementById('signUpSubmit');
let pwd = document.getElementById('passwordInput');
let div = document.getElementById('resultDiv');

var valid_pwd_regex = /^[a-z0-9]+$/;

submit_btn.addEventListener('click', function(){
if (pwd.value.match(valid_pwd_regex) && pwd.value.length <= 14 && pwd.value.length >= 9) {
div.innerHTML = "That password is valid!\nWe're not taking new members at the moment, but we'll get back to you.";
} else {
div.innerHTML = "Invalid password!";
So, our passwords must comply "a-z0-9" characters, and a length between 9 and 14\. INTERESTING.

In our main page, we have a possible valid mail: admin@example.com.

Let's go to the /hint page.

Here, if we give a valid email, it return us a password hint.
Let's try with our admin email:

ihatesalt. 9 chars. No, it doesn't work, but we are close.

Opening burp for seeing this request, we can see the next in our response:


So, we have now two ways:
- Trying to send the id in order to find more users, and a weaker password.
- Crack the hash.

The first way fails, so let's crack the hash:

Crackstation, hashcrack and others websites fails, but they don't have the first 9 characters.
With crunch, I've created a password dictionary with all posibilities of the password policy, begining with our “ihatesalt”. You can use your own script or crunch:

We have a dict of more than 62 millions words. It's insane for hydra, but perfect for hashcat.
Saving the hash in a file called “8123.hash”, we run hydra and:

It's all. Now go to the /admin page with your credentials to get the flag :)


Original writeup (https://github.com/NikNitro/CTFs/blob/master/Writeups/2020-Metasploit/BlackJocker-8123.md).