This challenge was [Cookie Clicker](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookie_Clicker) game.
If you click 10,000,000 times you will see Flag.
So I used [うさみみハリケーン](https://digitaltravesia.jp/usamimihurricane/HowToUseUsaMimi.html#move) (Usamimi hurricane).
Download on [Vector](https://www.vector.co.jp/soft/win95/prog/se375830.html).
You run **cookie clicker.exe** and **UsaMimi64.exe** run too.
Click "リスト更新"(Update lists) and select challenge **cookie clicker.exe**.
You use shortcut command Alt+F and run "範囲検索"(Range serach).
"確保・記録"(insure and note),serach **0** "通常検索実行"(run with normal serach).
By the way why I selected 0?
Because Clicks value is stored on somewhere memory.
One left value you increment value.
In the picture I ate 13 cokiees.
In this way adress was select and change value such as **FF**.
You click once the Flag is can be seen.

Original writeup (https://312k.github.io/312k-blog/post/post6/brixelctf-312k-eng/#cookieee).