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# Return Of The Rops

> **Points** 480
>Is ROP dead? God no. But it returns from a long awaited time, this time in a weird fashion. Three instructions ... can you pwn it?
> `EU instance: 2222`
> `US instance: 2222`
>author: Tango

# Challenge Overview

Here we are given 2 binary file. The first one was a `PoW` Proof-Of-Concept file that required us to pass some four letter lowercase
whose `md5` hash was given.
The second binary file was the challenge file that was a 64-bit executable file dynamically linked and not stripped. `NX` was the
only protection enabled in the binary.

# Exploitation Overview

Therefore to exploit this challenge you had to pass the `PoW` level first. Using python `itertools`, `hashlib` and `string` module I used to
permutate all lowercase letters in groups of 4 hashed them into md5 and looped though to check which string's hash matches the given hash.

The other challenge is we had to rop and get a shell. There was a `gets` function that was used to get input therefore this was definately a
`bof` bug. I used this to leak the address of `libc` and then popped a shell calling `system` with `bin/sh` as the argument.

The final exploit @ [exploit.py](exploit.py)
# Flag

The flag was after popping a shell


Original writeup (https://github.com/mutur4/CTF-WRITEUPS-2021/blob/main/0x41414141%20CTF/Return%20Of%20The%20Rops/solution.md).