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# WAFFED - 496 pts

### Description

I am tired of these investing platforms I literally lost all my btc on these platforms. can you hack these dudes and return my funds ?

author: pop_eax

The given link took me to a `http` site, the UI was awesome XD

![HOME PAGE](images/1.png)

clicking `learn more` directed us `/trade` page...
there we can see Graph of some trading algorithms, if u check carefully for each algorithm our COOKIE (price_feed) changes

![TRADE PAGE](images/2.png)

And the cookie is nothing but a base64 encoded values of the coin names.

Always check the source of the webpage... there we found a JavaScript function

function switchCoin() {
window.location = "/changeFeed/" + document.getElementById("coinlist").value

It looks up the name of the coin in the subdirectory `changeFeed`

So why not try to change the value of the cookie `price_feed`

then I encoded `flag.txt` in base64 and added in the cookie field,
refreshing the webpage returned....


If the coin doesnt exist we get `WOOPS`

so the flag isnt in that subdirectory, so i encoded `../../../../../../../../flag.txt` in base64 and replaced the value of `price_feed`


Inspecting the source we get the flag XD


This is a [Local file inclusion vulnerability](!https://www.acunetix.com/blog/articles/local-file-inclusion-lfi/)

Original writeup (https://github.com/terawhiz/CTF-Writeups/tree/main/0x41414141-CTF/web/waffed#waffed---496-pts).