# Hashcat
To start off with, the password to `Welcome_To_The_Game.rar` is `hashcat`, simply enough.

We pop open that folder to get to the next level with, what looks to be, `Brainf*ck`.

I dropped that into a compiler, but it didn't work. Notably the brackets are reversed, which prompted "why don't I reverse every symbol?" (This can be solved easier with [this reverse f*ck tool](https://www.dcode.fr/reversefuck-language))

Here it is reversed:

Next password is `p4sswordisnoth1dden`.

For the final password, we hash `You_are_very_close.txt` with MD5 to get the password `aab2ee6281c7c190e7ae2c4cacddad52`.

Finally we're at the flag! `Trollcat{Ev3ry_f1le_h4s_un1que_h4sh_v4lue}`

Original writeup (https://gist.github.com/jlsajfj/5b82a8eea5fa169c55933e78b3e323f6).