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First up, I visited the URL mentionned in the challenge description. It returned this :
`[513, '71'] 4O48APmBiNJhZBfTWMzD`

Also, the URL changes to : Interesting!

Since the challenge is called “Follow the Rabbit Hole”, I’ve tried “following” the page using the code provided so I used the link : `?page=4O48APmBiNJhZBfTWMzD`

This brings us to another page with the same set of data (an array with a number & what appears to be HEX). So let’s automate this process because I don’t know how far the rabbit hole goes.

I’ve played around with different versions of a Python script to fetch the data but I finally used :
import requests
import csv

url = ""
page = "cE4g5bWZtYCuovEgYSO1"

response = requests.request("GET", f"{url}{page}")
with open('C:\\Users\\Bib\\Downloads\\rabbit_hole.csv', 'w', newline='') as csvfile:
rabbit_csv = csv.writer(csvfile, delimiter=';', quotechar='|', quoting=csv.QUOTE_MINIMAL)
while response.text != 'end':
print(f"Following the rabbit hole... Page : {page}")
response = requests.request("GET", f"{url}{page}")
page_split = response.text.split()
first_number = page_split[0].replace("[","").replace(",","")
second_number = page_split[1].split("\'")[1]
array = [first_number, second_number]
page = page_split[2]
print("Script end.")
So basically, I went all the way down the rabbit hole and fetched all data inside a CSV file. Then I sorted the data using the first number as an index.

Fig 1. Sample of raw CSV file

Fig 2. Sample of sorted CSV file

After the data was sorted, I made a huge string with the HEX values and passed that to an HEX to ASCII converter. It gave me garbage data but I was able to see the header PNG.
Instead, I re-ran the converter to a PNG file :


Bingo! Challenge solved! Pretty interesting challenge :)


Original writeup (https://0x90skids.com/tenable-ctf-writeup/#follow-the-rabbit-hole).