We were given a file called Camouflage-sound.wav and the problem text was the following:

```General: We've got the hideouts. From here on out, hear out!
You: Roger!
Hint 1: steganography
Hint 2: No passwords are involved
Hint 3: Camouflage is the challenge name. Not associated to tool

A quick google search for audio steganography tools gives Steghide as basically the first result. Using the command `steghide info Camouflage-sound.wav` we can find that the file contains a hidden file, which steghide can find. It can be extracted with the command `steghide extract -sf Camouflage-sound.wav` and the name of the extracted file is vbs.bmp. Using the same commands on the new file, we can get another file called inf.txt, which contains the following text:

Sampling Rate : 44100
Bands Per Octave : 24
pps : 32
min freq : 20 Hz
Bits per sample : 32

This info can be used with a tool called ARSS on the bitmap image vbs.bmp we found earlier to create a .wav audio file. In the audio file, a voice is saying the following:

The flag is 6461726b434f4e7b6c6f6f6b355f6c316b335f7930755f643135633076337233645f345f703163747572317a33645f37306e335f7d.

Interpreting the hex as ascii, we get the flag **darkCON{look5_l1k3_y0u_d15c0v3r3d_4_p1ctur1z3d_70n3_}**.

The tools used:



Original writeup (https://github.com/keyboard-monkeys/ctf-writeups/blob/main/2021-darkctf/misc_camouflage.md).