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We are sent to this website: http://challs.dvc.tf:5555/
I we press CTRL+U to go to the source code of the webpage and my eyes pop when we see this:

var _0x562c=['179dYsldU','502577NKwytj','49301uPrsBV','%64%76%43%54%46%7b%31%74%5f%69%73%5f%6e%30%74%5f%34%5f%73%65%63%72%33%74%5f%34%6e%79%6d%30%72%33%7d','41567Xaicqe','getElementById',...(there is more but its not important)

You can see that they saved some code at the Client-Side and just encrypted it somehow, I see this wired long statment: "%64%76%43%54%46%7b%31%74%5f%69%73%5f%6e%30%74%5f%34%5f%73%65%63%72%33%74%5f%34%6e%79%6d%30%72%33%7d"

And it look like hex(base 16) and kinda like the size of a flag, I went to https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/hex-to-ascii.html to convert it from hex to ASCII and I found the flag