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# Disk,disk,sleuth! II

Category: Forensics


**Disclaimer! I do not own any of the challenge files!**

## Description
All we know is the file with the flag is named `down-at-the-bottom.txt`...
Disk image: dds2-alpine.flag.img.gz

## Poking around

So just like last time, I ran `srch_strings`:
srch_strings dds2-alpine.flag.img | grep pico
ffffffff81399ccf t pirq_pico_get
ffffffff81399cee t pirq_pico_set
ffffffff820adb46 t pico_router_probe
But nothing this time... maybe some other tools? I tried playing around with the GUI version of tsk `Autopsy`. But it didn't help... so I decided to just install qemu and try and boot into the img from there.

## qemu

Installation (on Kali/Debian): `apt-get install qemu-kvm`

Then I just ran `qemu-system-x86_64 dds2-alpine.flag.img`. The image booted up, and I searched for `down-at-the-bottom.txt`:


`picoCTF{f0r3ns1c4t0r_n0v1c3_0d9d9ecb}` Great!

Original writeup (https://github.com/xnomas/PicoCTF-2021-Writeups/blob/main/Disk_disk_sleuth_2/README.md).