## Good Driver Bad Driver

Author : Antrix Academy of Data Science

Title : Good Driver Bad Driver

Category : General

Scoring : Dynamic

Points : 496

Description : We are starting a new service company providing on-rent good drivers, by the name BBDrivers. We already have 3600 drivers that we have classified as Good=0, Average=1 or Bad=2 and also have their scores on particular tests. We have received 400 more applications for drivers, but reviewing them will be a loss of time and money. Can you please let me know what kind of drivers these guys are? I'll even give you the old driver's data in case you need it.

Test your results here (Follow instructions shown on the website) : https://driver.vishwactf.com/

Enter the results only in a string as mentioned on the website. You will get a flag only if you have an accuracy of 1.0 in predicting the classes.

Designer : http://www.antrixacademy.com/

Flags : vishwaCTF{d4t4_5c13nc3_15_n3c3554ry}

Files : drivertrainlabeled.csv, drivertestunlabeled.csv

Hints : None

Solves : 31

Original writeup (https://github.com/CybercellVIIT/vishwaCTF21-Writeups/tree/main/General/Good%20Driver%20Bad%20Driver).