# lorem ipsum

Where the content of *cipher.txt* is:

```Incompraehensibilis Conseruator.
Redemptor optimus
Iudex omnipotens
Sapientissimus omnipotens
Redemptor fabricator
Iudex redemptor
Optimus magnus
Aeternus iudex
Auctor omnipotens.

## FLAG:

## Solution
After a short search I saw that it was the *Trithemius Ave Maria* and using the [dcode](https://www.dcode.fr/enigma-machine-cipher) application i got the clear solution to which i added the curly brackets and changed some characters from uppercase to lowercase.

Original writeup (https://github.com/hackalcubo/CTF-Writeups/tree/main/ritsec2021/Crypto/lorem%20ipsum).