## [See original writeup on site](https://barelycompetent.dev/post/ctfs/2021-04-11-ritsecctf/#blob)

### Blob
> Ha. Blob. Did you get the reference?
> http://git.ritsec.club:7000/blob.git/
> ~knif3

We are pointed at a website that is a publicly exposed git repo. We can clone it locally like so:

git clone http://git.ritsec.club:7000/blob.git
cd blob

Inside, we see a `flag.txt` file, as well as a README.md file:

cat flag.txt
these aren't the droids you're looking for

cat README.md
# Blob

That pesky flag should be around here somewhere...

Hmm, OK, so we likely need to find the flag using one of git's utilities (likely relating to _blobs_).

I happened to first check `~/.git/packed-refs`, which lead me to do the following:

git show-ref
a69cb6306e8b75b6762d6aa1b0279244cacf3f3b refs/heads/master
a69cb6306e8b75b6762d6aa1b0279244cacf3f3b refs/remotes/origin/HEAD
a69cb6306e8b75b6762d6aa1b0279244cacf3f3b refs/remotes/origin/master
d0644363aa853a17c9672cefff587580a43cf45e refs/tags/flag

Well, looky looky, `ref/tags/flag`. That looks like what we want. So we need to look at that tag there, like so:

git --no-pager show --tags --no-patch

Flag is `RS{refs_can_b3_secret_too}`

Original writeup (https://barelycompetent.dev/post/ctfs/2021-04-11-ritsecctf/#blob).