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# Challenge

Note: this challenge builds on [Inception CTF: Dream 4](https://github.com/AsapZulu1/CTF-writeups/blob/main/RITSEC-CTF-2021/STEGO/Inception%20CTF:%20Dream%204/Challenge%20and%20writeup.md).

We’re almost there, we just need Fischer to open the safe! That top looks awfully weird though.

# Solution

The flag from the previous "dream" was the password for Limbo.7z. It contained a single file:
* Inception.jpg

I found nothing using exiftool and several other stego-tools. I then extracted strings from the jpg. One string standed out being longer than the others;
> UklUU0VDezUyODQ5MX0g

I tried to Base64-decoded the string:
> `$ hURL -b UklUU0VDezUyODQ5MX0g`
> `Original string :: UklUU0VDezUyODQ5MX0g`
> `base64 DEcoded string :: RITSEC{528491}`

Et voilà!
The last flag of this 5-challenge route:
> RITSEC{528491}

Original writeup (https://github.com/AsapZulu1/CTF-writeups/blob/main/RITSEC-CTF-2021/STEGO/Inception%20CTF:%20Dream%205/Challenge%20and%20writeup.md).