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# Challenge
No text provided. Only a [PDF file](https://github.com/AsapZulu1/CTF-writeups/blob/main/RITSEC-CTF-2021/FORENSICS/BIRDTHIEF:%20FYSA/BIRDTHIEF_FYSA.pdf).

# Solution
I found a part of the PDF that seemed cencored, a black square over some word.

I opened the PDF in a PDF editor and managed to move the square away from the word. The flag was revealed:
> RS{Make_sure_t0_read_the_briefing}

Original writeup (https://github.com/AsapZulu1/CTF-writeups/blob/main/RITSEC-CTF-2021/FORENSICS/BIRDTHIEF:%20FYSA/Challenge%20and%20writeup.md).