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# Challenge
Please DO NOT attempt to reset the password for any accounts or social engineer the characters. We have taken action to prevent this in the future and your activity will likely be flagged as malicious by the account providers.

Please DO NOT like, follow, connect with, or contact any characters on any platforms. You will not get a response and it will not help you solve the challenge.

We know that our missing person’s name is Geno and that he works for a local firm called Bridgewater. What is his last name? (Wrap the answer in RS{})

# Solution

I did a Google-search
> "Gemo" Bridgewater

Got a few hits but a LinkedIn profile caught my attention: Geno Ikonomov. It had a connection to a firm called Bridgewater.

> RS{ikonomov}

Original writeup (https://github.com/AsapZulu1/CTF-writeups/blob/main/RITSEC-CTF-2021/FORENSICS/INTEL/Finding%20Gemo/Challenge%20and%20writeup.md).