# Bisquite

## Description

May we have some [bisquite](bisquite)

## Files provided

An archive containing [bisquite](bisquite)

## Writeup

Running `binwalk` on the file we get the following result:

![binwalk output](screenshots/binwalk.png)

So there is a file system from address 1099776 that we probably can mount it. But first we should skip the first 1099776 bytes.

So we skip the first bytes and output it in a file called `out`, using `dd` command as below:

$ dd if=bisquite of=out skip=1099776 bs=1

And then we can mount `out`:

$ mkdir mnt
$ mount out mnt/

Now we can `cd` into `mnt` and see the flag in a `jps` image file.

![flag.jps](screenshots/flag.png "flag")

## Flag


Original writeup (https://github.com/ali-em/writeups2021/tree/main/S4CTF/bisquite).