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# Abstract
For the detailed version see the [Github page](https://github.com/KamilPacanek/writeups/blob/master/ctf/HTB.CA2021/inspectorgadget.md).

## ToE
We are given the IP with a port and web application source code dump

## Recon
Browsing the site shows immediately the beginning of the flag `CHTB{`. By going through all the files that was hosted there you can find the additional three phrases:
* `1nsp3ction_` (home page HTML)
* `us3full_1nf0rm4tion` (static/js/main.js)
* `c4n_r3ve4l_` (static/css/main.css)

By assembling the phrases you've got the flag.

## Solution

> `CHTB{1nsp3ction_c4n_r3ve4l_us3full_1nf0rm4tion}`

Original writeup (https://github.com/KamilPacanek/writeups/blob/master/ctf/HTB.CA2021/inspectorgadget.md).