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# Acrylic
This was a simple Rev challenge
## Description
This is an easy challenge. There is a flag that can be printed out from somewhere in this binary. Only one problem: There's a lot of fake flags as well.
### Files provided
## Writeup
Running the binary just printed out `look at the code`.
Running strings on the binary gave a lot of strings resembling **gigem{133t_5tring}**


Let's fire up radare2!

There was a function named `get_flag()` and `flags`.
Inside get_flag(), there was some calculations going on and then loads a specific location inside *flags*. Performing those calculations would give the flag location since it is a static binary.


Looks like there is **while-loop** runnning that looks like,
var_x = 0x7b # this is [var_8h]
var_c = 0x0 # this is [var_4h]

# jmp 0x68c is the while loop

while (var_c < 0x7e4){ # cmp dword[var_4h],0x7e3

var_x = ((var_x + 1) * var_x) % 0x7f # imul eax, dword[var_8h]
var_c +=1 # add dword[var_4h],1

} #jmp 0x64e (if var_c< 0x7e4)

return flags+(var_x + 0x40) #flags address is given as 0x201020
Running this calculation in python would give the flag address.
The starting address of `flags` is obtained from static analysis from radare2
## Code
location_x = 0x7b
count_variable = 0x0
flag_address = 0x201020

while(count_variable < 0x7e4):
location_x = ((location_x +1) * location_x) % 0x7f
count_variable += 1

location_x = location_x * 0x40
flag_address += location_x

The code returns the address 0x202620. So,the string at 0x202620 is the flag.


## Flag

Original writeup (https://github.com/TheRealOddCoder/writeups2021/blob/main/Tamuctf2021/acrylic).