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A person known as Mr.B claims that he has discovered information about a secret project that affects people all around the world, we couldn't find a way to talk to him yet, but some say he shared his email address on the internet for people to contact him. All we know about him besides his alias is a strange name known to be used by him (THE4llANDP0werfu1MrB). Find his email address and submit the flag like below: Email: [email protected], Flag: SBCTF{exampleMailTest}

I searched for THE4llANDP0werfu1MrB in google and I found his reddit profile, where the description was some base64 encoded. I decoded it and got the following output

Here's my email address: [email protected], but I will NOT reply in any way or form, so don't bother.

> SBCTF{privateMailOfMrB}