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Someone claims they knew a programmer named Mr.B, who liked to share his projects with other programmers in order for them to use and even build upon them, find out if you can get more information out of this. All we know about him besides his alias is a strange name known to be used by him (THE4llANDP0werfu1MrB).

I assumed that a place for programmers to share their code was github where I searched for THE4llANDP0werfu1MrB There is a user with exactly the same named repo
The file in this repository

Hi, I’m Mr.B I’m currently working on a great project and wanted to share it with fellow programmers, but anyone with access to internet could see it here, i will throw the code in my "bin" wink so only programmers can see it. here's the address: "/2yxugDsw", and the password: "37r4QwoeMCZR8k8I"

"bin" stands for pastebin - the address confirms it I went to [https://pastebin.com/2yxugDsw](https://pastebin.com/2yxugDsw) entered the password and there was nothing I listed other pastes from this user which was named THE4llANDP0werfu1MrB He has one more paste called secret I opened it and it was also password protected so I used the same password

> SBCTF{DoNotUseTheSamePasswordForEverything}