One of those tasks where "crypto" means "here is the string, guess what we have done with it" (as opposed to well-defined tasks "we have invented our own cryptography, here, take look at the code") that tests luck and guessing skills. Anyway, the title is the key, you must be lucky enough to find [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulipo](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oulipo) in order to solve this. "Replace every noun in a text with the seventh noun after it in a dictionary. This technique can also be performed on other lexical classes, such as verbs." Correspondingly, the decryption is calculating 7 words of the same lexical class back in the dictionary; nouns "ARCHITECTURES, TUNHOOFS, MOUNTEBANKERY" become "ARCHIPELAGOS, TUNDRAS, MOUNTAIN". I wasn't able to exactly match other words (maybe off-by-one at my side, maybe off-by-one at the creator's side, maybe different interpretation of "same lexical class"), but nouns are sufficient to find the quote `WPI{YOU CROSS ARCHIPELAGOS, TUNDRAS, MOUNTAIN RANGES.}`.